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Battle Games

Season 1 Episode 2

Sage Michael finds himself in a sport where the Medieval era meets Middle Earth. Armed with foam-padded weapons, battle gamers go all out in full-contact combat that would make Tolkien proud. It’s a sport with elements of role-playing where you dress in historical or fantasy clothing to help pull you into another world and time. And in the end, Sage learns that these weekend warriors have found a great way to break out of the pressures of everyday life.

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Amazon Customer
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"Beyond Geek is Beyond Good. Fun and unique show. Keeps you entertained and is well paced. An enjoyable insight to all things geek!"
Robert Schneider
Robert Schneider@rnschneideriii
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"This show is awesome! @beyondgeek lives the #geek life with great stories."
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"Watching S2 on #amazonprime! The Kinetic sculpture race was outstanding!"

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Dagorhir combines fast-paced full-contact combat simulation with elements of live action role-playing.

Belegarth Medieval Combat Society is a live-action battle game organization devoted to simulating Dark Age and medieval combat.

Amtgard is a world-wide organization dedicated to medieval and fantasy combat sports and recreation.

Battle for the Ring is a four-day medieval-themed foam fighting extravaganza.

Mallenorod is the Northern California branch of Dagorhir Battle Game of America.

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