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A woman holding a robot in front of a building.
Jill Ogle from our Telerobotics Episode

Geek culture has exploded in recent years, with people of all ages embracing their love for science, technology, and all things geek. But what happens when you take that passion to the extreme? That’s where Beyond Geek comes in – a thrilling television series that explores the outer limits of geekdom.

Each episode of Beyond Geek takes us deep into a fascinating new world full of people who are pushing the boundaries of what is possible. From a group trying to get to space in a balloon, to people who dress up as superheroes to fight crime, this show is filled with jaw-dropping feats of science and technology.

But Beyond Geek is more than just an ode to geek culture – it’s an exploration into what drives these individuals to pursue their passions so relentlessly. Whether they’re building robots, creating 8-bit music, or fighting with lightsabers, each person on this show has a story to tell about why they do what they do.

As Beyond Geek takes us on a journey through these amazing worlds, we’re left with a sense of awe at what is possible when passion and dedication meet. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed geek or simply someone who loves watching people chase their dreams, this show is sure to captivate and inspire you.

So buckle up and get ready for an adventure like no other – because there’s no telling where Beyond Geek will take us next. From the depths of the ocean to the edges of space, this show is proof that anything is possible when you believe in yourself and your passions.

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