Beyond Geek Music

Beyond Geek Soundtrack

Beyond creep original television soundtrack vol 1.

Original Television Soundtrack Vol 1

by David Limutau

Beyond Geek 8 Bit Soundtrack

Beyond geek bit soundtrack.

8 Bit Version of Music from the Show

by David Limutau

8 Bit Weapon Exclusive Bonus Track

A man and woman posing in front of a wrecked car.

Beyond Geek Open (8 Bit Weapon Version)

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Text: Beyond Geek Stylistic formulas and circuits in the background

Beyond Geek Series Previews

Beyond Geek Series Previews Previews Season 2 Season 2 Episodes Kinetic Sculpture Racing Kinetic Sculpture Racing 2 The Force is Strong Hackathon A Pirate’s Life

A man holding up a tv screen with a picture of himself on it at the de Young Museum.


Dan Reynoso enters the world of telerobotics where some have found fun ways to use it, and for others it’s life changing.

A group of inventors working on technology during a hackathon.


Nate Lake enters the world of hackathons, racing against the clock in a competition to take an idea from concept to reality in less than two days.

8 Bit Weapon performs with Dan

8-Bit of Fun

Dan Reynoso discovers a world where the 80’s are alive and well with people who continue to embrace the simplicity of 8-bit.