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Beyond Geek Mermaids

For centuries, the allure of mermaids has captured the human imagination. But for some, the magic of mermaids is more than just a fairy tale—it’s a way of life. Joe Gillis dives into the world of real-life mermaids, where he discovers a place where you can live your dreams of becoming a merman or a mermaid.

Limited Time Sneak Peek​

An Extended Look at the Upcoming Limited Series

Join Joe as he learns the techniques needed to swim like a mermaid and create a convincing underwater performance from his Finstructor, Mermaid Rachel.

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Join Beyond Geek host Joe Gillis, and convention organizer Mermaid Rachel as they showcase the mermaid-themed episode of Beyond Geek!

The California Mermaid Convention is a three day in person and digital event for Merfolk and mermaid Enthusiasts around the world! 

Mermaid and Mom create and sell an entirely swim-able line of fabric mermaid tails, tops, and accessories, like Merman Joe’s crown and armor.

Pixie Tribe strives to make magic and whimsy accessible to all with Professional Children’s Entertainers.

Dark Tide Productions is an event-entertainment company founded by @mermanjax. They cast swimming Merfolk, character performers, atmosphere & more! 🌊🔱🌊

John Paulsen photographs mermaids, cosplay, and portraits–and he’s a professional mermaid wrangler.
Raina owns and runs the award winning company Halifax Mermaids, a subsidiary of Canadian Mermaids Inc.
Academy Award winner, Robert Short, has fostered a unique blend of styles and techniques in the design and creation of his characters from the outrageous afterlife inhabitants in “Beetlejuice” to the enchanting mermaid in “Splash”.

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