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Starship Valiant: A Star Trek Fan Production

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Extended Interview: Michael L. King talks to Brittni Barger about his Star Trek Fan Production, Starship Valiant. From Beyond Geek – Beam Me Up episode.

So Michael you are the star and creator of Starship Valiant, which films here at Starbase Studios, what is it about?
It’s a fan series that is grounded on human behavior. I think it’s very, very close to what Gene Roddenberry was saying about Star Trek where it was about the human condition. I wanted to focus on a group of people that were real and had problems that we have today so that people could identify with them. So you know you see a lot of films you see a lot of you know special effects you can do anything on the computer now. I didn’t really want to go that route I wanted to focus on real people. So when we thought of the story, I thought you know from watching the original series you know these people are out on a five-year mission and all this and I thought you and I thought, you know, we never see their families, we never see how their families are dealing with this. You know, they’re out for a long time, does somebody die? Do they miss the funeral? Are they aware of this? And I thought well maybe we could answer that question. And we wanted to as a fan make something for fans. Make something that celebrated Gene Roddenberry’s philosophy a future that
says that men and women we’ll work together, they’ll build able together, we’ll be free of the problems of racism, war, any of that kind of stuff
and I just think it’s things like that that dream that philosophy is what makes Star Trek stand apart from all these other shows because you know it’s all about action and adventure and all this, but Star Trek says we’re gonna live on, we’re gonna work together, we’re going to improve the human condition.
and that’s pretty much how my philosophy is on Starship Valiant. And I know it’s just a fan film, but you know, it’s it’s a really fertile place to talk about what’s going on in the world today.

About Starship Valiant

Starship Valiant is a new web series in development at Starbase Studios and created by Michael L. King. The science fiction series takes place roughly after the 3rd season of the original series and focuses on the starship USS Valiant NCC-1707.

Starship Valiant is a web series inspired by the 1966 classic series created by Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek. The show is set after the 3rd season of Star Trek and follows the exploits of the Federation Starship USS Valiant, a Constitution-Class ship.

The vessel is captained by Jackson K. Bishop, a stellar man at the helm but riddled with personal challenges. His second in command is Leeza S. Kennedy, an officer who excels in all that she does.

The missions of the Valiant are not that of direct exploration but she is a true “police-ship,” in that she goes where she is needed and most of time this elicits hostile territory. It is our goal to create a series that strives on the human condition. Human beings at their best but not always triumphant in their missions. Personality clashes and deeply developed characters that people can relate to.

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