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Beam Me Up

Season 2 Episode 8

Brittni Barger journeys into the final frontier with some passionate fans that don’t just want to watch Star Trek, they want to create it as well. She’ll beam aboard two different types of fan films to help them create their latest production: a no-budget film being made out of a home in Alabama and another being filmed at Starbase Studios, which provides quality original series sets at no cost.

Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
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"Beyond Geek is Beyond Good. Fun and unique show. Keeps you entertained and is well paced. An enjoyable insight to all things geek!"
Robert Schneider
Robert Schneider@rnschneideriii
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"This show is awesome! @beyondgeek lives the #geek life with great stories."
Old Man Weber
Old Man Weber@toddweberguitar
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"Watching S2 on #amazonprime! The Kinetic sculpture race was outstanding!"

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A group of fans making Star Trek fan productions out of a garage
and boathouse in Birmingham, Alabama.

Starbase Studios is a Star Trek TOS era fan film studio.

Starship Grissom is written by teachers and is the first ship in the Starbase Studios educational fleet.

Star Trek fan films have been around for over 40 years, covering all aspects of the Star Trek universe.

You can visit Vulcan! Vulcan Park & Museum is located in Birmingham, Alabama, and home to the world’s largest cast iron statue.

The Archive - a Star Trek fan production

A Deimos landing party has found something valuable on a poisonous, icy little world. Perhaps too valuable…

One of the Star Trek fan films Brittni worked on in Beam Me Up

Starring Terry Self as Captain Jeremy Quinn, Victoria Avalon as Chief Engineer Gabriel, Jim Brucke as Executive Officer Klawitter, Lee Drew as Security Chief Drogo, Tilcia Furman as Science Officer Duras. Featuring Darryl Boyd, Timothy Carr, Lebarron Sharpe and Monique Dozier Sharpe. Guest starring Charlie Barber as the Archivist, Amanda McGaha as Centurion Nonia, and Brittni Barger as Centurion Decia.

Written by Angel M. Padilla. Directed by Randall Landers. Edited by Randall Landers. Music by Chris Kroznuski. Visual Effects by Chris Kroznuski, Rick Foxx and Randall Landers. Associate Producer: Michael Day. Producer: David A. MacKenzie. Co-Executive Producer: Rick Foxx. Executive Producer and Concept Creator: Randall Landers

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