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Beyond Geek Web Extra: Rings in Space

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Deleted scene from “Floating to Space” episode

Koda wanted to do something special for a wedding present for his soon-to-be wife. So he figured, why not launch their wedding rings into space?

– So Koda.

– Yeah.

– You are sending rings into space.

– Wedding rings.

– As far as I know, this has never been done before. How did you even think of this?

– Well last year, with JP Aerospace, I did a commercial project which was a huge success in Japan, where I come from. And so this year, I thought, I’m getting married in November. So I thought why not? I’ve proposed to my girlfriend. I’ve told her I love her many times. So, why not launch our wedding rings and make the wedding there in front of the whole universe. And it would be a proof that I love her most on this whole planet.

– So, these ones are here now. They’re five cent coins in Japan. In Japanese, you pronounce it go-en which also has a meaning of relationship and bond. So what I was thinking is that I’m gonna make these coins the change for the reception party.

– [Voiceover] So you’re hooking everybody up that’s going.

– Yeah, it’s not just me and my wife. It’s all the friends, relatives. They’re all family so I love them very much.

– Koda, this is the problem that I have. What this is gonna do is for all the other guys in the world, you’re gonna make us look like idiots–

– Nah.

– And fools. This is well thought out.

– Yeah.

– You’re sending rings into space.

– Yeah.

– And who can do that?

– I don’t know, um… When you think of surprise presents for your wife, I want it to be the top notch and I don’t think anybody can beat me a while.

– No, no. That is a fact. Well, let’s take this thing out there and send it up.

– Let’s do it.

– Bam. This is a glorious, glorious day where love and science intermingle in a way that’s just never been done before.

– Yup.

– Now!

– Koda, do it for love!

– Yeah let’s do this!

– You did it.

– I kind of feel like jumping up and grabbing it right back though.

– Congratulations.

– Thank you.

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