Joe Gillis

A man dressed as batman.

Joe Gillis, Beyond Geek Creator, Executive Producer, and Host

Joe brings his prime-time experience as Producer, Writer, and Editor on HGTV and DIY Network shows including Turf War, Yard Crashers, House Crashers, Bath Crashers, and Room Crashers, as well as his public broadcasting experience on America’s Heartland and California’s Heartland. For Joe, before television there was film: Joe produced a feature-length film Voices from the High School, adapted from a play by Peter Dee and which now sells to learning institutions across the nation, and a short silent film entitled 9 Items or Less which shows hilarity ensuing in a crowded shopping market. A lifelong technology/comic book/science geek, it was only a matter of time before Joe was to combine his working knowledge of television production with his true passion, the fascinating world of all things geek: Enter Beyond Geek!

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