Sage Michael

A man walking with a sword.

Having vowed to truly experience the most that life has to offer, Sage has helped orphans in Malaysia, worked as a bounty hunter, served honorably in the Gulf War, hand-delivered food, toys, and medical supplies to villages in Mexico, donated over a thousand children’s books to start a library in Africa, handed out thousands of pounds of food to the homeless, and tried his hand at shark diving, rock climbing, paragliding, white-water rafting, soaring, skydiving, and running marathons for charity. Sage is the author of How to Become a Super Hero: The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate You—a book in which he teaches people to have the most fulfilling life they can possibly have. Sage’s love of people and his desire to jump right in to whatever adventure comes his way bring excitement and fun to his episodes of Beyond Geek.

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