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Beyond Geek Web Extra: Kinetic Chicken

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Justin Hobart Brown shares the origin of the Kinetic Chicken logo.

>>Tell me a little bit about your dad. Tell me about Hobart Brown.

>> He was an artist. He’d been a helicopter mechanic in the army. He got out, married my mom, and he’d always talked about doing an art gallery, you know, because he had learned to weld in the army, and he would do sculptures on the side. He and my mom moved up here, and they just decided one day-they looked in some gallery window, and they decided, “Let’s do it.” And so they started a gallery.

>> Hobart decided that he was either going to starve to death or make it as an artist. Luckily, he was able to make it as an artist, and that decision led him to eventually create the first kinetic machine and another piece of art that has become an important part of the race.

>> The logo-

>> The Kinetic Chicken.

>> Yeah, the Kinetic Chicken. Can you tell me a little bit about the origin of that design and where it came from? He had served in the army in Germany, and he became obsessed with the German flags. And you know, they all had those eagles-those big, strong eagle symbols and stuff. And he was kind of obsessed with it, you know, and he’d always be drawing different eagles and stuff, and then after the race got going, he decided to make this logo for the race, and it was the Kinetic Chicken.

>> However, it wasn’t a chicken yet. Hobart felt everyone should get a prize for participating, so he created “wings” as medals for the racers. He called these “wings” the “Kinetic Eagle”, but nobody felt that it looked like an eagle. Instead, everyone liked calling it a chicken. So the eagle became a chicken and the rest is history.

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