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Haunted Kinetic Lab of Horrors

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The Haunted Kinetic Lab of Horrors is a place that is total visual assault on the senses. Even with all the fun to be had walking through it, the best part of this haunted house might actually be what goes on behind-the-scenes. There are secret passages that take the people working the Lab of Horrors everywhere in the building, never to be seen by the public. Join Ken Beidleman as he gives a behind-the-scenes tour of this haunt featured in the Kinetic Sculpture Racing episode.

– The Kinetic Lab of Horrors is a place that is total visual assault. And this coming in here and looking at it, it’s worth $12 just to walk in here without being scared. It all starts right here with this red light. You wait for the green arrow, and then that means you get to go this way. Follow me. So once you get into this room, the guide will bring you into this, so you need to stare into the hypno wheel. We get you into the hypno wheel, to give you a nice trip to say you will be scared. And then you are, we get these guys. Total surprise. Nobody even expect it, ’cause they’re all looking up here like whatever. Lot of people only get to see the house in the haunted house, which is the main floor, but the best part is actually behind the scenes. They’re all these little secret passages that take you everywhere in the building, and you are never seen by the general public. So, I’ll show you this little act back here. There is these three dogs in here and they’re mechanical so they work by pulling the wall back. And you can see the strings make the mouth move. This is how the dogs bark. ‘Course they’re connected to the wall. You don’t see all this stuff ’cause it’s all hidden. You got your lights, your motors, your microphones. Test, test, test. One, two, three Next room. We bring you in to show you all the kinetic trophies and memorabilia. This is the trophy room of years past, dating way back into the ’80s and stuff. And we try to get you big scare here. Big scare here. Don’t wanna give it away. ‘Cause you’ll wanna come and see it. After the trophy room, we bring you into this area. It’s the vampire detection mirror. And as you can see, there’s something wrong with this picture. Very effective illusion. It’s cheap trick. After the mirror, we bring you into the forced perception room, which is– Looks normal, right? Just a little bit wrong. It’s the details. That’s one of them. So this room is the oldest kinetic racer that we have in that– Where’d she go? Oh, well, what do you expect? Aren’t you lovely? Such a mule. Get in there. She works for peanuts. This gag is an old standby. We’ve done this year after year after year. Every single year we’ve done it. Don’t recommend doin’ this with your real face. Hold a mask here, not your face ’cause they will get you. First response is usually punch it out, when in doubt. Right? That’s what happens. People are expecting this to drop and it’s not gonna happen because they’re gonna get this one instead. That’s the bait and the switch is behind the wall. Back in these areas we have little one, just like piece of shock cord, a piece of wood, another door latch. Things like this. A little bungee cord on the wall. And you step on this wooden block, and that flies open. Of course, this guy comes out. We have a big air tank right here, which supplies the back of this giant possum with a blow of air up your skirt. Nothing like it, huh? This room we call Seizures Palace because we have a sign out front that a lot of people are affected by strobe lights and this is over accentuated. And you can have a seizure. So it’s our only warning. If you don’t heed it, tough. When you’re in this room, real intense strobe light up here. And then slowly, the room starts coming in. There’s two people in here that are pushing the walls behind this. And as it kinda just kinda keeps going and gets smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller until you have to leave. Now we enter Dwayne’s World. This is an area of total visual assault. I love this particular area. It’s real creepy. I mean things jump out from anywhere, you just never know where. That’s the beauty of this spot. What this is, is really nothing. People get up here and they’re lookin’ and seeing all the strange things and what’s this all about? This is what happens. Believe it or not, this gets more people than some of the big gags that we spend months working on. And this little stupid thing scares the hell out of people like that. So what we have here is a little bit of Disney stuff. Actually, this is called Pepper’s Ghost. You can go online and look it up. And it’s a reflection kind of a ghost image. And there’s actually a pane of glass in the wall that you can’t see. And there’s person in this room, which is basically like a reverse camera. And it projects and image on the glass that you can see through into the other room. So you get a ghost. And then it fades away. Kinda cheesy but very effective. People love it. So early in the show we showed you a, we call it a neuralizer or whatever just to bring it the haunted house scary. And here were have to deneuralize you. So you will watch the spinning wheel, which causes a weird effect to the mind. And when you turn the wheel off, it does the weirdest thing. It’s hard to describe what it really does but it’s a very unusual effect. But that’s not the effect. If you’ll hang on a second, I’ll show you what really happens. Gotta love it. Well, being the Kinetic Lab of Horrors we use all kinds of stuff kinetic. So this is an old– This used to be a bicycle. It has now become our ghost flyby guy. And it brings it really quickly. It’s amazing what you can do with an old bicycle. Thanks everybody for coming to the Kinetic Lab of Horrors. We hope you enjoyed the show. If you didn’t see me, I saw you. And I will see you again next year. Hope you come back because we’re gonna get better and better every year.

– [Narrator] So thank you very much for watching this episode of Beyond Geek here on the web. If you wanna see the full episode, it’s actually available on Amazon. And if you haven’t hit the subscribe button, please do so because Beyond Geek, we will be making more stuff for the web very soon.

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