Beyond Geek Series Previews

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Beyond Geek Series Previews Previews Season 2 Season 2 Episodes Kinetic Sculpture Racing Kinetic Sculpture Racing 2 The Force is Strong Hackathon A Pirate’s Life for Me High Flying Smackdown! Telerobotics Beam Me Up Rent or Buy – Vimeo Buy – Amazon US Video Transcript: Beyond Geek Season 2 Preview  Coming up on Season 2 […]

How to Build a Kinetic Sculpture

Elliot is an experienced Kinetic Racer who has participated in the Kinetic World Championship and other west-coast races numerous times.

The History of Kinetic Sculpture Racing

The History of Kinetic Sculpture Racing Main Street in Ferndale, California, 1969 Share on email Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on pinterest Share on reddit by Joe Gillis | Beyond Geek The first kinetic sculpture race was held in 1969 as a short race down Main Street in Ferndale, California. That race has […]

Kinetic Sculpture Racing

Dan Reynoso finds himself boldly going where no art has gone before, racing against all odds in a human-powered art race—the Kinetic Grand Championship.