Beyond Geek: Episode 3 – 8-bit of Fun


Dan Reynoso discovers a world where the 80’s are alive and well with people who continue to embrace the simplicity of 8-bit. He’ll join a band that breathes new life into outdated computers and classic video game consoles by transforming them into musical instruments with a sound that’s both new and old. He’ll also meet a group that is still making games for the NES, a game console that hasn’t released a new game in 20 years. And in the end, he’ll learn that just because something’s old, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be new again.

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Free Stuff - 8-Bit Soundtrack

To celebrate all things 8-bit, we put together an 8-bit soundtrack with a track from every episode of Beyond Geek season 1. Transformed into all its 8-bit glory by the guy who wrote them for Beyond Geek: David Limutau.

01 Beyond Geek Theme (8-bit)
02 Lemons Legacy (8-bit)
03 Battle Games (8-bit)
04 8-bit Music Land
05 M1 Garand (8-bit)
06 Inflate (8-bit)
07 Suit Up (8-bit)
08 8-bit City (Bonus Track)

Download the non-8-bit versions of the music: Original Television Soundtrack Vol 1.

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