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Michael Ware’s wife wanted a Ms. Pac-Man machine for Christmas, so he did what any good husband would do – he built one from scratch. But he didn’t stop there. He made it so it could play all their favorite games. Not only did she love it, but all their friends did too and Dream Arcades was born.

I’m Michael Ware and I’m the founder of Dream Arcades. Dream Arcades is a company that makes video arcades for home use.

All the classic arcade games you remember as a kid like Pac-Man, Centipede, Galaga, but all in one machine.

I’ve always been a geek and I’ve always been the kind of kid who builds stuff in his house, and I’ve always been into computers and video games, and I always spent time down at the local arcade. So it’s always been for me, something that I really enjoyed and I enjoyed working on them as much as I enjoy playing them.

The for the first arcade I built was a Christmas present for my wife. My wife for Christmas wanted a Ms. Pac-Man machines, so I decided to build from scratch–an arcade that can play all our favorite games. And a few friends saw it and they said, “Wow, we got to have those.”

Originally when I started the company, it was kind of was operating out of the garage. I started it with $500 and some spare parts. We sold a few machines on eBay. It kind of took off from there.

Retro gaming has really grown in popularity, and I kind of attribute that to nostalgia. A lot of the people who play those games as kids are just finally getting to the point where they have their own house and they have their own kids. It just seems natural that they should want to do something they enjoyed so much as a kid.

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