Kinetic Sculpture Races

Eureka, California

Kinetic sculpture races and other kinetic sculpture race inspired events from around the globe.

Kinetic Grand Championship
Humboldt County, California – Memorial Day Weekend
The race that started it all back in 1969

Kinetic Classic
Eureka, California – Mother’s Day
Kid powered art race

Boulder, Colorado

Kinetics Sculpture Race
Longmont, Colorado – June, since 1980

Great Port Townsend Bay Kinetic Sculpture Race
Port Townsend, Washington – October, since 1983

Da Vinci Days Graand Kinetic Challenge
Corvallis, Oregon – July, since 1993

Ventura Kinetic Sculpture Race
Ventura, California – October, since 1998

Carnevale Dei Fantaveicoli
Imola, Italy – February, since 1998
A parade of fantastic vehicles

Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race
Baltimore, Maryland – May, since 1999

Klamath Kinetic Challenge
Klamath Falls, Oregon – June, since 2005

Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – May, since 2007
A design competition and parade of human powered vehicles

Oxford Kinetics Festival
Oxford, Ohio – April, since 2010

People’s Sculpture Racing
Cambridge, Massachusetts – June, since 2015

GizMotion Celebration of Creativity
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – July, since 2015
Kinetic festival with human-powered vehicles

Menagerie In Motion Kinetic Derby
Gainesville, Florida – February, since 2016

Papio Kinetic Sculpture Parade
Key West, Florida – May, since 2016
Art-inspired, human-powered, mobile sculpture and art-bike parade

Lowell Kinetic Sculpture Race
Lowell, Massachusetts – September, since 2016

Perth, Australia

Former Races

Kinetic Sculpture Race – Poland
Rotary Kinetic Sculpture Race – Perth, Australia
Sacramento’s River Otter Amphibious Race – Sacramento, California
Santa Cruz Kinetic Sculpture Race – Santa Cruz, California
Clearlake Kinetic Sculpture Race – Clearlake, California
Prescott Valley Kinetic Sculpture Race – Prescott Valley, Arizona
Leonardo Da Vinci Kinetic Sculpture Race – Allentown, Pennsylvania
CT Kinetic Sculpture Adventure – Farmington, Connecticut

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