Captain Myers

DIY Builds


In 1978, a low-budget horror movie needed a mask for their villain. They purchased a Captain Kirk mask and altered it to bring the iconic Michael Myers mask to life. Captain Kirk is finally getting his face back in this cosplay mashup merging Star Trek and Halloween to create Captain Myers.


Host: Joe Gillis

Featuring: Odin Abbott from Odin Makes


Michael Myers butcher knife built by Odin Abbott on Odin Makes:



-Trick or Treat Studios Halloween 1978 Michael Myers Mask

– Red Kap Men’s Twill Action Back Coverall, White

– Ata-Boy Star Trek Command Insignia Officially Licensed Patch

– Star Trek TOS Embroidered Braid, Captain rank (I purchased mine from



If more than 35% polyester:

2 bottles – Rit DyeMore For Synthetics, Daffodil Yellow, 7 fl. oz.

1 bottle – Rit DyeMore for Synthetics, Sandstone, 7 fl. oz.

If a blend contains cotton, linen, rayon, or ramie, use:

1 bottle – Rit ColorStay Dye Fixative


Non-Synthetic Dye:

2 packages – Rit Golden Yellow Powder Dye

1 package – Rit Powder Dye Tan


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