Beyond Geek Teaser


BEYOND GEEK is a television show about people who take geek to a whole new level.
Catch it on your local PBS and public television station. Watch Season 1 for free on Amazon:

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6 Responses to “Beyond Geek Teaser”

  1. Aramil d"Aldari says:

    I hope they got some footage from Ragnarok this past summer… I would love to see some of my unit on TV!

  2. Mantis says:

    Thank you very much for considering our community for this program

  3. Lord Ragrean says:

    O If Mystik Caverns could have this many people. It would make me smile.

  4. Lord Rone says:

    This does my noble soul a good joy….that our people will be shown in a positive light …thank you

  5. Queen Marie says:

    Truly,I say,Your Work IS Good !!

  6. Otthild says:

    Aw, no Elwarth in the teaser.

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