Beyond Geek Episode 5 Preview


Episode 5 – WW2 Re-enactors
History comes alive as our host gets a glimpse of what it was like to serve in World War II by donning a uniform and going to battle for the Allies.

Launching soon on public television and PBS stations

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2 Responses to “Beyond Geek Episode 5 Preview”

  1. Juan says:

    13 Year , E-5 SSgt. Juan Reyes “Bring em all Back Home” Merry Christmas to everybody.New Britain Ct

  2. Juan says:

    hey guys ! i’d like to say thank you all you guys & Girls out there in Portland Ore! you Heroes are doing some great work out there all the way to the west coast ,i never been to Oreagan in my life but would like to go there checkout how you Guys are takeing care out to your west side ,thanks
    lemme tell you about me a little bit i got ideas helping out the indivdual i’m a 13 year U.S. Air Force before i got out my Commander didn’t want me to get out ,mainly my rampcrew up there at Westover A.F.B.and we had to get these planes outthere put that C-5’s mainly out.sometimes the planes would be broke , :so now that plane is ready to go .all fully loaded and then the engine breakes down . now we gotta do a tail swap .which means grab the 40 k loaders and go and start unloading that broke Plane and Bring up the 40 K and lets get this stuff loaded to any plane that was waiting 4 Rows And Ready to Go get this one loaded pretty darn Quick too
    “””Hopefully: soon . so we jumped into action and started working on stuff, Great Job Done .we ended having our back up plane right on time again , hey have a nice job down on stuff kids !
    Thanks , Tony Reyes

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