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Star Trek Fan Productions in Beam Me Up

Paragons Paragon
Paragons Paragon was made in 1975 and the full length version was 1 hour and 20 minutes. Watch a preview for Paragons Paragon

Starship Farragut
The webseries stars John Broughton, Michael Bednar and Holly Bednar with an ensemble cast. Series premise simply put, “New Ship, New Crew, New Adventures – but all based on the era of Classic Trek.” Starship Farragut was conceived by John Broughton in November 2004 and officially launched in July 2005.

Starship Valiant
Starship Valiant was filmed at Starbase Studios and created by Michael L. King. The science fiction series takes place roughly after the 3rd season of the original series and focuses on the starship USS Valiant NCC-1707. Learn more about it…

Starship Exeter
Starship Exeter is a Star Trek fan-film project. This fan-film series is set within the continuity of the original Star Trek series, and features the new crew of a sister-ship to the famous USS Enterprise, the titular USS Exeter, NCC-1706, whose previous crew were exterminated in the Star Trek episode “The Omega Glory”.

Starship Ajax
Starship Ajax is still in production and being reworked to meet new Star Trek fan production guidelines. Watch a preview for Starship Ajax

Intrepid is a Star Trek fan film series chronicling the adventures of the crew of the Starship Intrepid. Based out of Dundee, Scotland, Intrepid is one of the few British Star Trek fan productions, and to date the only one produced in Scotland.

Star Trek: Dark Horizon
Star Trek: Dark Horizon is a Star Trek fan film from Germany. Watch Star Trek: Dark Horizon

Want to make your own?
Here are the Star Trek fan film guidelines from CBS and Paramount Pictures:


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